In our project, we worked for a German company called Side by Side. It is a company which produces everyday objects. All objects are produced by people with disabilities, who work primarily with solid wood. I created two objects called the «KlemmEin» and the «Doppelträger» 


The product is kept simple, but it will accompany you individually and stylishly throughout your life. It will awaken feelings in you and remind you of the beautiful and precious moments you have enjoyed in your life. Thanks to the «KlemmEin», photos, postcards, posters, or notes become an eye-catcher on your wall.


The clamp is composed of two pieces of wood and a rubber band. The design allows you to clamp any paper size. The beech wood is combined with an individually selectable rubber band, which comes in different colours. Powerstrips (double-sided tape) allow for easy mounting. An additional function offer three different metal boxes which can also be clamped. You can put small objects into these metal boxes. 

Supervised by Kuno Prey, Luca Martorano and Hans Höger

Company: Side by Side