In our everyday life the topic Correct-Incorrect is omnipresent. The apple harvest in my home region illustrates this topic. Measuring rings tell farmers which apples do not meet the standard and force them to sort the below-standard apples during harvesting. Many farmers throw the «incorrect» but still good apples on the ground and thus contribute to the current food waste. A delivery to the fruit cooperative would not be profitable due to the low prices.

This «falling through the norm» is a powerful metaphor for our society today. Existing social diversity time and again leads to groups of people being confronted with discrimination.


To visualise this metaphor in a suggestive way, I worked the measuring rings into a traditional blue apron, which is associated with social values. If the apron is used as a basket, the apples, which do not comply with the standard, fall through the holes to the ground.


The apron is not primarily intended to serve as a functional object, but rather to stimulate a viewer to critically question. For this reason, it has three holes of different sizes, based on the measuring rings of different sizes. Thus it loses its strictly functional character, because the apples cannot be sorted correctly due to the different sizes of the holes. Since the apron is to be shown in the context of an exhibition, its simplicity will force the viewer to question what the object is all about. To give a small hint to my thoughts, I will put a photo next to the apron showing apples lying on the ground.

Supervised by Thomas Mayfried, Emanuela De Cecco and Emilio Grazzi