We decided to change the current name «Kunstgewerbemuseum». The new name should be modern, understandable and easy to pronounce. We decided to use «MAK» Museum für Angewandte Kunst and we created a word mark.  

Because of our suggestion to promote interactivity in the museum, we had to familiarise ourselves with the materials available in the museum.

There are basically six different main materials in the museum: wood, metal, glass, ceramics, fabric and plastic. For each material we started to create a pattern. We found inspiration for this in the different production techniques of the respective materials. For glass, for example, we created a pattern based on the glass drop of the glassblowing technique. 

Another reason for the name change was because we found the 6 elements in the name relatively easily. We separated each letter of the abbreviation «MAK» into two parts and combined them with the patterns. Each letter of the word mark contains two patterns, a darker pattern and a lighter one. This should improve the visual effect of the Word mark.

My main color is a dark blue, which reminds me of craftsmanship, magnificent and nobel objects.

Supervised by  Christian Upmeier, Gerhard Glüher and Gianluca Seta