I linked the term «Al limite» directly with alpine climbing, whereby the safety device called «Friend» represents a revolutionary object. I am fascinated by the honesty of the object, because only its function and not its aesthetics is in the foreground. 


I tried to use this interesting object and integrate it in another context. Through experimental work I came up with the idea of using the clamping device as a connecting piece between two different elements.

One of my goals was to transform the honesty and functionality of the clamp into a functional and aesthetic object. I had the idea to connect a natural stone with a glass plate and to construct a side table out of it. The clamping device is already in its natural function closely connected with the stone which should be consciously represented. In order to make the connecting function clearly visible, I chose a glass plate as the storage surface. For the second variant I chose a tabletop made of ash wood to incorporate a further element into the project. The connecting piece is still visible from the side.


Supervised by Francesco Faccin and Seçil Ugur Yavuz 

In collaboration with Naturstein Lechner